Tutorial – Turning Auto Rotation On or Off in Android

Have you ever been laying on the bed or couch and while you were reading a book or article your phone FLIPPED the screen to the side? You might say: “How do I make my phone, NOT do that”?

This video is to help with that.
I explain how to find and change the setting that will let you change the way this happens automatically. This is handy to know and can be switched on and off with ease.

This is a quick and functional tutorial on this, it’s not a complicated thing to figure out, but I know some people don’t see the setting right away. I am on Android version 4.4.2 ( kit kat). I am also on a Samsung Galaxy Note but I can assist with any Android device if you ask.

Comment with any questions, criticisms, thoughts or anything you find intriguing on the same topic of discussion as the video. Feel free to Like this video, Share it around, and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel to see even more…


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