Air Skinning a Fox, Impressive – Speed Skinning a Deer, Very Impressive!

If you haven’t seen this before, Air Skinning is a very interesting technique. Obviously, if you are in the wild with limited resources you won’t be doing this… but more knowledge is more knowledge.

Air skinning is a technique in which you insert the needle from a compressor and shoot or blow air under the skin. The needle gets inserted between the muscle and the skin. This effectively “blows” the animal’s skin up like a balloon. This allows (supposedly) for easier and quicker skinning of the animal as the skin is already pulled back slightly from the meat.

After that I’ve included a speed skinning video. See how fast this guy strips a hanging deer. His technique MAY not be flawless, but he gets the job done. Very effective and interesting to watch. If in the wild OR at home, I would suggest taking your time… although the video shown is pretty impressive I must say. Field dressing speed contests, is this a thing I wonder?





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